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Stimulating reading for a libidinous librarian

Unlocking the big oak doors Emily glances up at the sunshine filtering through the Institute’s stained glass windows. Originally endowed by a Victorian benefactor, now part of a modern university, this Gothic building goes largely unnoticed by passing on this bright 1993 morning. The research library opens three days a week with Emily, its part-time librarian, fitting the job around her PHD studies. Some colleagues consider it a fusty backwater; Emily rather enjoys the church-like surroundings and calm, quiet ambience.
Staring the day as usual at 8.45am, Emily sorts the post while sitting at the front desk waiting for students to arrive. The job isn’t exacting, there’s plenty of time to write her thesis and, blush-making to admit, peruse the splendid erotica section. Something that’s become a bit of habit of late, leaving her distracted and almost perpetually aroused. 

This ‘special collection’ is kept locked; its key supposedly secure in a safe; in fact on a chain around Emily’s neck…

Punishing the maid

You get what you need...

Dear Sir I’ve been naughty so I expect you’ll want to be very strict with me and punish my bare bottom? I’m wearing something rather tight and revealing that you might enjoy removing, you usually do. Perhaps if I look extra desirable you could be lenient - or get distracted and find something else to do to me when I bend over? Anyway, you’ll probably want to spank me, and then who knows? (Well, you do obviously…) If I can select my implement of correction might I please have the crop? - I’m not saying what I don’t want because you’d probably choose it deliberately! Gosh, just writing this gets me all excited, and rather damp. When you finally make me kneel and present my bum it will be really hot and stingy, but I’ll be so turned on that won’t matter. Much more important will be what I get for ‘afters’. Please discipline me as you think I appropriate. I’ll try to be as good (or bad) as possible to please you. Love Judy
Luke smiles as he reads the purple prose – incorrigible Judy, always inve…

Further chastisement required

Opposites attract

The clock ticks inexorably only inches from her head as Carmel awaits the imminent arrival of her master. She stands exactly as instructed, leaning forward to face the empty fireplace, feet slightly apart, grasping the mantelpiece for support. 
The unaccustomed stance thrusts her up onto her toes, making her wrists ache. Martin has made her practice this pose - 'schooling' he calls it, although she isn't sure she finds the equine comparison flattering. Adjusting the angle of each limb, encouraging exactitude with light flicks of a tease whip until she got it right; perfectly presented for whatever chastisement he chose. And afterwards, Carmel recalls with a tangible thrill, he fucked her in exactly this position, perhaps today too... A thrill of apprehension mingling disquiet and desire clutches at her stomach until the striking of the hour ends her reverie. 
Right on cue a door opens, measured footsteps move across the polished floor. A hand gently turns Carmel's hea…

After effect

Teaching practice

“About time...” Caroline strides around her office looking accusingly at the flustered figure hovering in the doorway. Mature student Maggie Groves is imprudently late for her teaching practice evaluation. She's yet to discover her tardy timekeeping is, on this occasion, forgivable, at least as far as her headmistress is concerned. Goodness knows it's hard to find any staff these days, let alone trainee teachers who voluntarily take after school netball. 
However Ms Caroline Hunter, headmistress formidableof St Judes Academy, keeps this benign observation to herself and maintains a stern expression. This is, she calculates, a situation to be manipulated to her advantage. And Ms Caroline Hunter, MA, didn't reach her lofty educational perch without being an adept tactician. St Judes boasts excellent exam results and enviable alumni among the great and good. The number of girls going on to red brick universities far exceeds the national average and parents will beg, bribe, p…