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Legs up

The dreaded 'diaper' position

Who is the boss?

“So who’s the dominant one in your relationship?” Just a light-hearted question during Penny’s weekly night out with the girls, afterwards she can’t really recall who introduced the topic. “I guess that’d be me,” Penny giggles, thinking of her big, even-tempered, kind-hearted bloke. Several other women say the same; in these days of equality no one wants to admit to a submissive role.
Penny may have omitted that latter fact when tipsily recounting this banter to Jem later the same evening at home. True to form he’d just nodded good-naturedly and shown no immediate reaction. Didn’t appear to think his masculinity threatened or social status undermined. If Jem seemed absorbed in thought to a greater extent than usual over the next couple of days Penny didn't notice; next thing she knew it was the weekend.
“Playtime?” she asks hopefully on Saturday. Spanking, strictly for fun - if that’s not a contradiction, muses Penny - has become a recent thing with them. To emphasise her hopes and …

CP nostalgia

Remembering the '80s

Girls in trouble

The spanking sisterhood

Managing Mrs Burton

Classic spanking erotica re-edited by the author Paul Bartlett stopped typing to glance at his watch. Another ten minutes until his five o'clock appointment, time for a couple more paragraphs. No sooner had he resumed work than the silence was broken by the sound of a doorbell and rather than irritation at this break in concentration, Paul felt elated.
An early bird eh, mused Paul, leaving his book-lined study to walk across the tiled lobby. Opening the front door he was momentarily confused to find an elegant woman in her mid thirties. "Mrs Burton?" Paul asked politely. "That's right," she responded, “had you expected someone else?" "I'm sorry, do come in," Paul replied, rapidly recovering his composure and waving her into the house with a welcoming smile. "The people your company sends are usually, er... rather different," he added. "Please, go on through to the study."
As she did so, Paul continued his unspoken appr…

Spankable secretary

Office discipline must be maintained...

Retro spanking

Revisiting the '70s & '80s